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Welcome to our Website

Welcome to our new and improved website. This is a riding school for everyone of all abilities, ages, and disabilities.

We offer a full range of services ranging from children with challenging behaviour (e.g. autism and special needs). We offer riding for the disabled. We also offer corporate and team building special days with discounts where applicable.

Riding Lessons

Riding lessons and children’s riding lessons at the Nottingham Riding Centre are not only fun and safe, but cater for adults and children of all levels of experience. Contact us or read on to find out more about our riding lessons and children’s riding.

Adult Group Riding Lessons

Beginner: For the beginner rider, we recommend a group lesson with a few other novice riders to help build your confidence.  These first riding lessons will help you to master the principles of riding including mounting, holding the reins, starting and stopping, walking, basic turns, and of course, dismounting elegantly!
Intermediate: For those who have mastered the basics but wish to improve their technique and learn to canter, our intermediate group riding lessons are the perfect way to improve your skills.
Advanced: Nottingham Riding group riding lessons for the established rider include flatwork and more advanced techniques.
Individual riding lessons: Our individual riding lessons offer one to one tuition and a lesson that’s totally focused on the rider’s needs. They’re a great starting point for beginners and perfect for intermediate or advanced riders wanting to hone their skills in anything from dressage and jumping to pony show preparation and cross country jumping.

Children’s riding lessons

Ages 4 – 5: These individual half-hour children’s riding lessons offer your little ones a safe and incredibly rewarding introduction to the equestrian world. These are lead rein sessions, meaning that one of our experienced instructors leads the pony at all times so children are fully supervised.
Designed to develop familiarity with ponies whilst building confidence, the lessons are not overly instructional but enhance skills slowly and safely.  The riding lessons may include some exercises on the pony such as walking and trotting, but will not include work in canter. 
Once your child is confident in walk and trot then they can move on to a beginners group or individual riding lesson for one hour.  If you are unsure of the whether your child is ready to move up please feel free to discuss this with one of our staff members. 
Children’s group beginner lessons: In these children’s riding lessons, kids learn the basic principles of control, holding the reins, balance, mounting and dismounting.  The aim is for them to have fun whilst learning so these principles will be taught with the aid of simple exercises such as ‘hands on the head’ and ‘around the world’.  For the true novice, the pony will be led, but the instruction will soon give the child confidence to progress.
Group pony riding lessons: Those children who have gained the confidence to acquire more advanced riding skills can move up into the intermediate or advanced group. At this stage they can even go on a supervised hack into the bridleways of trent fields.

Hat hire 50p
Body protector £1.00
Standard group £19.00 - beginner walk and trot.
Novice group £21.00 - walk trot and canter
Advanced group walk trot canter and jump
Intermediate group £25.00 walk trot canter jump lateral work
Private lessons
On a Sunday between 9am - 4pm Tuesday to Friday before 3pm
Adult lessons 1 hour £35.00 half hour £30.00
Child 1 hour £22.00 half hour £18.00
Semi-private £28.00 must be booked by 2 people
Hacking- adult 1 hour £40.00 off site
Child - 1 hour £35.00 off child
Term and conditions
Group lessons- no more than 5 people
Standard lessons- children must have an adult to lead if necessary
Ménage hire available £20.00 per hour when not in use by the riding school